Come Out The Trunk Again!

If you are an artists looking for an option for Physical Music Sells... Look No Further... iBoogie's The Solution!

Digital Music Re>Packaged™

The iBoogie Card™ is a Quick Access Card (QAC™) medium for digital music that can be used for hand to hand sales, promo or retail sales. iBoogie Card™ is made for smartphone use via aux. connections or Bluetooth through a Scan, Connect, Listen process.

Use iBoogie 3 ways...

  • For Promotion

    Cool for promotional giveaways at music festivals, shows, conferences and events. (Snippet previews)

  • FREE Download

    Packege up that FREE Download with iBoogie™. Great for music promotion. Ideal for exclusive releases or listening parties.(Full songs)

  • Physical Distribution

    Come Out The Trunk Again... Go Hand to Hand Again! Try to get retail outlet placement ie. gas stations, music stores, etc.

How iBoogie Works

FAN purchases iBoogie Card from artist, merch table, gas station, music store, etc. This purchase is the *One-time access fee. FAN removes card from case and scans the code on back. Code gives FAN access to the music release.

*Made for smartphone use via aux. connections or Bluetooth.


Purchases iBoogie Card. No monthly fee for end users. *One-time access fee. Stream music instantly.

Scan Integration

FAN scans code on card with smartphone camera to access music. We call it the Scan, Connect, Listen process.

Music Access

FANS have the option to stream or download music instantly once music is accessed. *One-time access fee.

Save to Phone

Once music is accessed, FANs can save a cover art thumbnail shortcut to the music on their homescreen.

iBoogie Card Insert Features

iBoogie Card™ is packaged with a front insert shown in Figure 1.1, a back insert like in Figure 1.2, a front and back small card (Figure 1.1) and a clear case.

Easy Access

Scan codes are integrated on the back of the insert and is used for a music preview.

Retail Ready

iBoogie Card™ is retail ready with it's packaging and the addition of a UPC Barcode.

mobile image two

Music Preview

Fans can preview music releases before purchase. Previews are snippets. (usually 1 minute or less)

Link Capability

The music preview page also has hyperlinks available for social media or artists websites.

Order in 3 Easy Steps...

Follow the instructions below to get started Today!

Upload Cover Art

Your artwork file must follow these requirements:

3000 x 3000 pixels maximum; 1400 x 1400 pixels minimum PNG, GIF, JPG, or JPEG file type. Less than 25mb 72 - 300dpi (300dpi is the best) Unique to this particular title. We cannot accept artwork that has been used for another title. The uploaded image must match your physical album cover artwork. RGB color scheme (not CMYK)

IMPORTANT: If your artist name and the title of your release appear on your cover artwork, it MUST precisely match the information you provided in the submission form of your project. The text should be identical. For instance, if the artist name you provided is 'MC Such & Such' the text on your artwork should NOT say 'MC Such & Such & The Band'.

*Please note that generic artwork (such as a solid color square with no text) may not be accepted. We recommend including identifying information on the cover image, so long as it meets our other guidelines.

how it works image

(Sample of form pictured above)

Get Started

Upload Music & Metadata

Audio must be delivered at 16-24-bit resolution as a WAV, AIFF or MP3 file format. Acceptable sample rates are 44.1, 48.

Metadata Needed:

  • Artists/Group Name
  • Release Date
  • Credits (writers, producers, features, label)
  • how it works image

    (Sample of form pictured above)

    Get Started

    Choose Quantity & provide info

    iBoogie Card™ is available in the following quantities 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and includes cases. *Cases can be sealed for extra security. (Sealing cases is an additional fee)

    Contact Info Needed:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number (optional)
  • Contact Preference
  • Create Username (optional)
  • Create Password (optional)
  • *A shipping address will be collected at checkout.

    how it works image

    (Sample of form pictured above)

    Get Started

    Need QAC? Press Up Today!

    iBoogie Card™ is a Quick Access Card (QAC) medium for digital music that can be used for hand to hand sales, promo or retail sales. Made for smartphone use via aux. connections or Bluetooth.

    iBoogie 50


    *QAC setup included

    • 50 iBoogie Cards
    • 50 Inserts
    • 50 Cases

    iBoogie 100


    *QAC setup included

    • 100 iBoogie Cards
    • 100 Inserts
    • 100 Cases

    iBoogie 250


    *QAC setup included

    • 250 iBoogie Cards
    • 250 Inserts
    • 250 Cases

    Digital Music Re>Packaged

    In today's digital music world, we recognize that all artists are not able to benefit monetarily from music streaming services alone or don't have the fanfare to benefit from the nostalgic physical options. (vinyl, CD) Welp, the game has officially been upgraded! iBoogie Card™ is that viable digital physical alternative for making money from music releases.